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Posted - 19/07/2012 :  00:09:56  Show Profile

It is desirable that I should tell you something about Homoeopathy itself, its definition and the history of its origin. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine formulated in the rule �Similia Similibus Curentur� meaning thereby �Let likes be treated by like�. The originator or discoverer of this new system was Samuel Hahnemann a great allopathic doctor who lived in Germany from 1755 to 1843. His experiment suggested him concisely can be put-up as then idea that a drug ought to be curative in a disease, if it has power to produce similar symptoms when given to a healthy person. He tested some drugs too on himself and his friends.

The principles of Homeopathy:

That every drug, when taken in material doses by those in health, produces a group of symptom peculiar to itself, which we call proving drug.

That ever disease has got its own peculiar group of symptom, which we call clinical symptom.

And that, if a drug with a group of symptom similar to the group of symptom of the disease, can be selected and administered in very small Homoeopathy dose, a cure will follow if the disease id curable at all drug.

The symptoms of various drug on healthy body, i.e. the Provings of Drugs.

The symptoms of disease: Subjective and Objective put together.

How to select and administer remedies.

Advantages resulting from the adoption of the Homoeopathic system of treatment are several in numbers, but I shall refer to a few only to save space.

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23 Posts

Posted - 21/02/2015 :  15:55:54  Show Profile

Advantages of the Homoeopathic:

Homoeopathy is easy to learn as it does not require a minute study of anatomy, Physiology, etc., to attain a working knowledge of the system.

As totality of symptoms, and not physical sings, in our guide in the treatment of diseases according to the Homoeopathic system, we are enable to treat sickness in its early forming stage and need not wait for pathological lesion to be manifested by physical examination.

The cure is generally rapid and the convalescent period is short.

The system is easy to practice as it enable any one to start treatment by an observation of the subjective symptom alone and in the majority of case a cure can be effected in this manner.

Homoeopathy is cheaper than Allopathic treatment, not only because the dose of the medicine is smaller and consequently the cost also is less, but the recovery from the disease within a very short time compared to the Allopathic treatment contributes to a large extent to its cheapness.

Homoeopathic medication has no deleterious after effects on the sick person, whereas in many cases under the old and dominant system of treatment, then medicinal exhaustion is prominent.

The medicines are not disagreeable and even children take without disgust.

There are no strict dietary measures in Homoeopathy as in some other system like Ayurvedom.

As the quantity of drug contained in Homoeopathic preparation is generally very very minute, an accidental administration in the sick of a large dose need not cause such a great alarm as with an overdose of Allopathic or Ayurvedic medicine and it need not cause any alarm at all if taken in by the healthy.

The measures used in Homoeopathy are generally very gentle and humane as compared with those used in Allopathic or Ayurvedic system.

No purgative, diuretics or diaphoretic are used in treating chest or brain troubles etc, and so no much complications arise as resulting from stimulation or over stimulation of the healthy parts.

Homoeopathic medication aims at not only curing the disease, but is also helpful as a preventive in most disease, and if used early enough it aborts many of them.

Most of the drugs used in Homoeopathy have been proved on doctors and their friends when in health in repeated dose and thus their genuine properties ascertained.

Homoeopathy has been found successful in treating many chronic cases where other system had failed.

Homoeopathic system is scientific and stands on sure foundation. It is based on facts and not on theories.

The system proposed under this project is useful to take a decision. It contains symptom, their drugs. And other detail�s regarding that symptom. This is only a small try to help Homoeopathic physician. This system helps Homoeopathic physician to manage the history (case paper), medical report of patient, manage gains and expenses of dispensary.
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