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How to approach a girl ?

There she is. Just a few steps away... Looking gorgeous, laughing and chatting away with her friends, unaware that a person is waiting around with his heart beating wildly ... unable to walk the few steps to reach her. Yet, you so desperately want to talk to her.

  • Are you tapping your head to find at least one sensible reason to approach her?

  • Are you afraid of the icy cool glance she may throw your way?

  • Are you apprehensive of being rudely snubbed which can shatter your dreams in the fraction of a second?

Hang on! Wipe your cold sweat... and check this out. This may be just what you are looking for:

  • Firstly - Pre decide that you are going to approach 10 girls and  8 out of them are going to turn you down. This psychological makeup helps those who need courage.

  • Secondly just shake yourself up, get up and move. If you don't help yourself nobody can. There is a saying - 'God helps those who help themselves.' So REACH OUT!

  • Thirdly - Learn to DARE. Go up and talk to the person you want to. If you don't some one else will. And she will remain a stranger to you for the rest of your life. Remember 'There has to be a beginning somewhere'.

  • Lastly - Take the response sportingly. Never mind if you are snubbed. You'll at least get the satisfaction of having tried.

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