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Dating Tips !!!

Here are few tips for you:

  • Plan your day in advance. Don't forget to take your girlfriends opinion.

  • Dress well. If you are going to a coffee shop casual wear would be preferable. If you are going to a classic restaurant for dinner - dress elegantly and in style.

  • Be tidy, have your nails neatly manicured and smell good.

  • Don't keep your girl waiting. Mood spoils and girls simply hate that! If need be leave your house / office 5 minutes early. Remember, if meeting her on time is important then reaching her in time is more important. Keep a margin of at least 5 to 10 minutes (traffic jams etc.)

  • It is a good idea to send a bouquet of flowers with a message confirming the venue and that you are picking her up.

  • Alternately you can greet her with a bouquet of flowers when you come to pick her up.

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