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Girl going out !
What to do?

Sometimes in your relationship you feel that your girl with the will-o'-the-wisp quality is not in your grip & you sense that you will loose her.

No matter what you do, is she cute enough to delay the 'talk'?

  • Does she tactfully avoid the discussion, whenever you bring up the topic?

  • Does this make her uncomfortable?

  • Does she seem unsure of herself?

  • Does she seem to be oozing out of your hand?

  • Though you love this female with your all your heart does she appear untouched?

  • Does she seem to keep all her options open?

  • Your future appears to be dark and unhappy without her?

  • You are not able to live properly?

  • Damn even breathe? (Need artificial respiration, huh?)

  • You can't not eat, drink or pee?

It's just that you have finally arrived at a crossroad. Here you need to decide which road to take. Remember, for once there is no right or wrong involved.

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