Top 10 DON'Ts for a Cellphone User

1. Texting while talking to someone.

2. Using your cellphone to point at something, or worse, someone.

3. Walking, with a knapsack or a briefcase or a handbag or pouch, and with cellphone in hand. Can't you just put your cellphone away? Baka mamaya malaglag pa yan.

4. Putting your cellphone's SMS receiving tone in LOUD even though you are in a silent room. (Iskandaloso. Really ear-piercing and BASTOS.)

5. Using a cellphone in a theater (both in plays and movies). It really is irritating when people are repeatedly instructed to turn off their cellphones prior to the start of the play and hearing one ring in the middle of the acts. Are these people just ignorant or plain stupid?

6. Going to a gimmick, and spending the whole time texting, acting like an autistic.

7. Waiting for a cellphone to ring for 30 seconds before finally answering the call.

8. Tinkering with your cellphone in a public place, listening to all your ringtones that you just downloaded again and again, even though you are alone.

9. Calling 222 just to show off that you are using your phone.

10. Just doing anything with your cellphone to flaunt it, not for the sake of showing that you really need the cellphone.